New 4G Technology Set To Bring Benefits Of VoIP To Rural Areas

Posted by on 29 August 2012 | Comments

VoIP has been radically changing the way in which companies do business for the past several years. VoIP is perfect in an age where companies want to reduce their costs, yet increase their quality of service.

Unfortunately, however, many companies can’t reap the benefits of VoIP due to their internet connection. This is generally because there are in rural areas, filled with poor communication infrastructures. However, with the introduction of 4G technology, this could all change.

Trefor Davis, communications expert & council member of the Internet Service Providers’ Association UK, spoke out about the introduction of 4G and what this can mean for rural companies. He pointed out that along with making it easier to surf the web, they will also be able to take advantage of systems such as video conferencing & VoIP.

“4G is potentially as fast as superfast broadband and obviously being a wireless service, it doesn’t necessarily have all the same problems that running cables have.” He added that one of the problems rural areas can’t get good internet connections is due to the cost of running cables, and that the technology has already been trialled in rural Germany and surpassed all expectations.

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